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Around here, I have a very simple process for getting you online. Hiring me means you expect your author website to reach new heights for less and fast. Sit back and let me & WordPress do all the hard work on a dime.

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Why WordPress


The Workflow

Scene 1:

The Meet Cute

Let’s start our story off right! This ain’t a coffee shop, but let’s learn all the details of your dream author website via video chat after you submit your answers to my brief survey linked below this section.

Prior to our initial icebreaker chat, I will give you access to my website copy plan & template (a $19 value). Together, we’ll go over any questions you may have as well as detail everything you need for me to begin working my magic!

Scene 2:

The Dress Compilation

All the great romantic comedies have the fun sequence where the heroine changes clothes or goes on a shopping spree. At this stage, you collect and gather all the bits of information you want me to use. I highly recommend every client to fill out the website copy plan & template, so I can set up your dream website up exactly how you want it.

If you’re lost, don’t fret! Every Cinderella has a fairy godmother, right? I recommend finding a few author websites you love and collecting their links to send to me, and we can set up another brief call to go over a few things to help get you started!

Scene 3:

The Makeover

Once you’ve arranged all the pieces and have set up your self-hosted WordPress site via your choice of webhost providers, I’ll take over and take your website from drab to fab! We’ll start with my core four demo pages using your author logos & branding.

From there, I will customize your site based on your previously supplied preferences. Once the first draft of the design is complete, we’ll chat over email (video if necessary) about all the tweaks you’d like improved. My primary focus is perfecting your home page. Once your home page is approved, I will then shift to the other pages with you.

Scene 4:

The Happily Ever After

When the full website design is complete, I will direct you to the plethora of how-to videos & blog posts for all general questions on how to navigate your WordPress site & on how to make minor customizations in the Divi theme. If you have a detailed, personal question, I will help you as best as I’m able; however, in extreme situations, I may charge an hourly fee after my design services are complete.



What you get is a fully customized, functioning website you can add onto as you get more familiar with the platform. Typically, this whole process can wrap up in under two weeks when enough detail is provided prior to the design phase. However, in some circumstances, this process could expand to closer to a month.

This process completely depends completely on your needs and how much detail you provide in advance.

I always recommend hiring me only after you have a clear vision of what you crave in your author website to avoid added fees down the road.


Why WordPress


No matter how you slice it, WordPress beats out every other website option in terms of long-term cost. You can do so much for free once you site’s live! Just like Apple’s app store, there’s a plugin for “that”! Whatever your “that” is!

The average monthly cost webhosts charge is about $2.95 per month for the basic plan.

See for yourself:

Wix Costs | SquareSpace Costs


All my websites & sites I design are powered by Elegant Theme’s Divi theme! I equate this theme to Wix’s easy website builder brought to WordPress. You can have an easy design & customization experience without paying the premium!


Not a published author yet, but plan on selling autographed copies directly on your website eventually? With WordPress, you’ll pay nothing extra to have this feature enabled on your site. WordPress’ shop function is powered by WooCommerce, a popular platform with countless tutorials and help guides.

This is but one example of how WordPress is the best website platform for authors. If you don’t know where you’re heading for your website needs, that’s ok! WordPress allows you to do so much naturally without any cash bottlenecks getting in your way! True freedom!

Multiple Sites?

For only a couple dollars more than the base price per month, you can host multiple sites on the same hosting account! If this is something you’re interested in, I can help you set this up in under 5 minutes!

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