Howdy, I’m Evie!

Did your parents, teachers, or other adults ever tell you that your twenties are “the best years of your life” as a teenager?

BOY was that a lie!

I’m a goofy gal from Texas who’s positively besotted with the two biggest parts in my hectic life: writing and wife life. In 2020, this girl’s turnin’ thirty-years-old (and I can’t wait)! It’s so strange thinking about life before my very own love story blossomed into a strong and happy marriage.

Although I write (a ton) about happily-ever-afters here, my early twenties taught me that I was not nearly as invincible as others made me feel like I was back then. I didn’t know that small mistakes made then would create such a colossal tidal wave. I’m only one girl with a rather small mop, here! Cleaning up the mess I made eventually became the foundation of my future financial and family goals.

On this blog, I talk a lot about writing, budgeting & finances (Hi, Dave Ramsay. How are ya?), the tea on my own marriage & family (mostly my cats), and lifestyle topics ranging from minimalism, beauty, and fitness (if I ever start actually using my Planet Fitness membership).


Take a look around and hang out with me while you’re here!

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