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Hi, I’m Evie.

Lately, I’ve had the itch to blogbut not about the book I’m currently writing (more on that here). Neither do I want to exclusively blab about the craft of writing anymore.

Because I’m not just a writer.

I moved into me and my hubby’s (his name is Wesley) first house. We’re renting, so unfortunately we can’t undergo massive renovations and the like. To be honest, I’m grateful for that. After what we went through, I’m not sure I could handle living out of boxes (which I kinda still am…more on that in a later post).

I’ve been on YouTube for over 9 years now. A lot has changed, but not my love for videos like home tours, decluttering/organizing, grocery hauls, budgeting, etc. (I’m what you call the generic version of a basic bitch). I’ll admit and openly accept that. Hell, I’ll even bust out the shine spritz and wear it like a badge. 


For the past year and a half, I’ve made videos under the umbrella term for the writing community (called AuthorTube). However, due to several factors, I’ve decided that now is as good a time as any to immerse myself in a new(er) direction.

I’m still a writer. If you’re here because you enjoy my writing content, know it ain’t goin’ nowhere (as any ole proper Texas gal would say). You’ll still get updates on my writing journey: now mixed in with more casual, vlog-style videos.


Simply put, because I do this for me. I started for me, and it will end with the whole “for me” shtick. You might be scratching your head as to why I now run three websites under one banner. If not, maybe I planted the seed? No? Hello?


Every time I go to film something, one thing or another goes wrong (thanks, Uncle Murphy). However, I’m tired of living in this “woe is me/life happens to me” mindset. My alarm is blaring and I can’t find the snooze button anymore. It’s just time for a major change.


Welcome to my new blog! Here, you’ll learn more about what else I do (along with bits of my writing life where relevant). My life doesn’t revolve around writing (is that some kinda sin or what?), so why not live and show my life as it really is?

Also, I’m a bit lazy. 

You won’t need to follow me on a separate account (anywhere). I’m using my one and only Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube accounts in tandem with all of my websites. I’m still sorting out my mailing lists, so for now, you’re going to subscribe to my author newsletter. 

Thank you!

 To anyone who’s followed me until now or people who have stumbled on this website from the trenches of the dark web (or just Google…), thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re excited! 

New videos are coming (admittedly with no real schedule). I’m going to post when I feel like it for now until I get into the habit of my new Google Calendar schedule (send help).

I look forward to this new trail off the beaten path! I’ve always tended to do things I’m not supposed to, but ain’t that the fun in life?

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